How To Be a Likeable Boss

How to Become a More Likeable Boss

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Course Synopsis

While many who enter into management and leadership roles want to be genuinely liked by the workers they supervise, seeking popularity for its own sake can be a dead-end path. Many have tried to lead while seeking popularity only to find that, indeed, they are loved but not respected. Becoming a more likeable boss however does not mean you have to sacrifice respect. However, being a likeable boss and a respected boss does mean you have to learn to be more effective. This manual helps you take the first steps on what will be a continuous journey towards becoming a more effective boss, the side effects of which are both likeability and respect.

Course Objectives 

  • Understand how to develop leadership qualities
  • Know how to delegate effectively
  • Choose inspirational and engaging tasks for yourself and others
  • Use wisdom and understanding to lead others
  • Identify the roles of your team
  • Learn how to trust others and earn their trust.

Course Contents

12 Videos
9 Quizzes
12 Presentations