Course Synopsis

A customer can be defined as anyone who uses a service. Therefore, if you provide a service, people will rely on you to do a job that is professional and well done. Customer service is critical so that your customers return for business and always have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. 

Whether you're in the front lines of a company or making sure everything is running smoothly, customer satisfaction is very important. This course will show you how we can improve customer service and improve ourselves in the process. You will learn how to meet your customer's basic needs and show that you are committed to providing the best service possible. 

Course Objectives

  • State what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external
  • Recognize how your attitude affects customer service
  • Identify your customers’ needs
  • Use outstanding customer service to generate return business
  • Build good will through in-person customer service
  • Provide outstanding customer service over the phone
  • Connect with customers through online tools
  • Deal with difficult customers

Course curriculum

Customer Service

Online Course