Course Synopsis 

Welcome to The RISE Academy! Do you struggle with insecurities, fears, not knowing who you are? Well this is your opportunity to change that! In this course you will meet your expert Richard Martinez! You will be taught to live your life with out limits, set and accomplish your goals, and be the best person you can be! You will be given the tools and worksheets that will help you map out your goals in a simple and effective way!

Course Objectives

  • Leadership skills
  • How to face your fears
  • Transforming your fear into power
  • Identifying your purpose
  • Finding your goal 
  • Accomplishing your goals


Course curriculum




  • Richard Martinez


    Richard Martinez

    Richard Martinez is a recognized leader in the world of coaching, entrepreneur in the business of physical and emotional health. He listens and advises through innovative methods of effective training. He is well known for advising the Latino community, reaching thousands of people who want to experience a radical change for a more fulfilling life.