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Sometimes we go through phases were we feel as though life is stagnant and reaching our goals seems almost impossible. This might be due to having a fractured soul. To begin to understand what a fractured soul is, we must first learn that our body is composed of three parts: Body, Spirit, & Soul. 

When we don't deal with negative situations in a correct way, it begins to damage our mind, emotions, and will. Since our soul is composed of these three elements, we need to keep a healthy equilibrium between each of them to avoid fracturing our soul. 

"Face it, Erase it, and Replace it" is the first step in bringing healing into our lives. Embracing our emotions and letting go of negative events from our past is essential for living in peace. The power of happiness is in your hands, so seeing past the pain and changing your perspective is necessary. 

This course will ultimately help you identify if you suffer from a fractured soul. It will explain the concept of Body, Spirit, and Soul to allow you to further understand how we are composed as human beings. 


Richard Martinez


Richard Martinez is a recognized leader in the world of coaching, entrepreneur in the business of physical and emotional health. He listens and advises through innovative methods of effective training. He is well known for advising the Latino community, reaching thousands of people who want to experience a radical change for a more fulfilling life.

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