This course will help you prepare, construct, and deliver an effective meeting.

Preparation: By knowing your audience, material, and creating your space, you can be confident in the delivery of information. 

Meeting Time: Starting and ending on time are essential to running a successful meeting. Honoring your audience's time is important for keeping a good reputation. Other huge factors include clearly communicating, engaging, and connecting! Making a meeting fun and interactive goes a long way in keeping your audience focused. 

Follow Up: Creating a follow up system is necessary for keeping up with your audience. Following up can be used to thank , inform, or remind your audience of any upcoming events!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Run An Effective Meeting

    • How to Run an Effective Meeting - Part 1: Preparation

    • How to Run an Effective Meeting - Part 2: Meeting Time

    • How to Run an Effective Meeting - Part 3: Following Up

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