Course Synopsis 

Leadership is foundational to happiness, success and making big impact.

What is the basis of success in life? What will give you the edge in creating success and happiness? Life is built on and around relationships. All the most important areas of our lives are based on relationships and the better quality of relationships, the better quality of life we will have. Whether at home, the workplace, the marketplace, with friends or leisure time, your ability to connect, communicate and influence others will determine the quality and success of your life.  

True leadership is influence. Influence is nothing more than understanding how to work with and through others to achieve a stated objective while staying true to your core values and maintaining your integrity.

Course Objectives

- The 5 levels of leadership 

- 6 leadership habits 

- Personality persuasion techniques 

- How to generate & maintain high quality energy

Course curriculum

Levels of Leadership

By Richard Martinez