The Art of Relationships – Building a Healthy and Functional Relationship

Course Synopsis

Many learn about relationships from their parents/guardians or Hollywood, and many of them were or are not good examples. So many have more sexual relationships than they have had cars. They think it’s normal. Many change their partner like their shoes. First, know that you were created for a relationship. It’s important for your health and happiness. Some want to avoid people and connections because of fear and past pains. We must set our own standards and fight for them. Stand for something, know what it is that you want in a relationship.

All the most important areas of your life are based on and around people. So, if you raise the quality of the relationships in your life, overall, then you will actually raise the quality of your life, in general.

The lessons in this relationship program are foundational to creating, maintaining, and growing healthy relationships in your life.

Course Objectives

  • Learn about the 2 Types of People and the 3 Types of Relationships they make
  • Setting Relationship Goals & Standards
  • Learn about The 3 Needs You Must Meet Apart from Your Partner and The 6 Human Needs We All Have
  • Understand The 3 Needs of a Woman and The 3 Needs of a Man
  • Use The Relationship Triangle Exercise
  • Learn to develop better Communication, Connection, & Listening Skills
  • Learn the best way for Conflict Resolution
  • Learn how to Deal with Your Partner's Personality and The Art of Influence 
  • And lastly, gain understanding in Creating Connection in 7 Areas

Course curriculum


  • Richard Martinez


    Richard Martinez

    Richard Martinez is a recognized leader in the world of coaching, entrepreneur in the business of physical and emotional health. He listens and advises through innovative methods of effective training. He is well known for advising the Latino community, reaching thousands of people who want to experience a radical change for a more fulfilling life.